diptych of Japanese red pines in charcoal
Matsu diptych
charcoal on paper
panels are 18 x 24 inches

I recently attended the Shinto exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I was fascinated by the art on panels and how the art was perceived as conjoined and individually. I also learned that trees, and pines in particular, are held in very high esteem in the Shinto religion. Pine trees are viewed as the vehicle by which a god is transported into heaven (what a way to travel) and placed with great intention outside the Shinto shrine (almost like guardians). I learned a great deal more that I won't bore you with!

Back to the art! Creating the texture of the bark was an absolute joy. The two panels are 18 x 24 inches each and are drawn on a soft green paper which has not translated to the digital format at all (the digital image man made the background white). It is, however, a true representation of the prints available at my Etsy shop. The diptych panels had to be shown as a photo collage due to website constraints.
Unless of course you want to purchase the gorgeous matted and framed original and then you should email me. Or if you just want to talk about pine trees, that would be fine, too!