red fox kitsune fox at night assateague fox beach fox fox in grasses hunting fox
Acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 inches

As you may know by now, I dearly love painting foxes. The fur is such a challenge and getting the fox's personality to show through the painting is something I truly enjoy. I think the best connection is made with the viewer (with my foxes and owls) when there is direct eye contact.
Why did I name it Kitsune? Well, I was at the Cleveland Museum of Art looking at their Shinto exhibit. I went home and created art because of it (the Matsu diptych). But, it also made me look at other aspects of Japanese culture, and of course I researched foxes! Foxes are common in Japanese folklore and is a Shinto kami or spirit that serves as a messenger from gods to humans, and also (depending on the legend) has the ability to shape shift. I did not paint this fox with nine tails, however, but I am not ruling that out for a fox painting in the future!
I paint foxes because I love to paint foxes. It is not something I understand, I just do.

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