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Huevos Gigantesco
acrylic on canvas
30 in. high x 40 in. wide

Now this, THIS egg art is so much fun! And it's BIG!
The digital image is good, but in person you can see (and feel if you touch it) how the background feels flat like cast iron and the eggs are super glossy. Yours truly had a blast making this one!
I started these eggs months ago, but I didn't like how they were going-- no flow to the work, no spark. So I put the canvas up against the wall of my studio space and there the eggs sat. Months later, I read about an art show where the theme was all about size. So I busted out the big canvas of eggs and got to work. I changed it up and 'played' more while painting. I am not a very patient person with myself at all and art (yet again) has things to teach me.
As I was putting the finishing touches on it, I read that a local establishment was having a Solstice event and they were looking for local art. I sent a snapshot of the Huevos Gigantesco to the organizer and she was interested in displaying it! So I beat feet to my digital person to get a high quality image made in time for the event so anyone who may want to look at it, may do so.
My friends think they look like volcanoes or breasts or islands. I hope they make you smile.