All prints and most originals are for sale in my Etsy shop:

If you are not on Etsy, email me Contact with what you are interested in purchasing and I will happily and rapidly comply.

I work directly with a local printer that I trust. The amount of saturation of pixels is THREE times that of the thumbnails you are seeing online, so the print you receive is actually better than what you are capable of viewing.
Speaking of saturation, images are printed using archival, pigment (not dye) based ink. Ink is a big deal. If you purchase duplicates printed up at a big box office supply store (which some artists do), in a few year's time it will fade no matter if it is displayed in sunlight or not.

If you want something unique, like printing on metal, or something much larger, please contact me. I find it endlessly humorous that my art can be turned into something much more. Imagine six foot fried eggs! So if you want something interesting, please ask!